I’m a native of Erie, Pennsylvania who has lived and traveled all over the world with her spouse who worked for the U.S. Diplomatic Corp. We lived in Turkey, Holland, India and Italy and now live in Myrtle Beach, SC.
I pursued an education in graphic design and worked as a computer graphic artist between diplomatic postings. It was a fortunate rain storm that drove us into a quilt show. It was an eye opening experience seeing fabric used as an art form.
Quickly developing a stash of fabric, I dove into all aspects of quilting but quickly moved beyond traditional quilting, developing a unique artistic style collaging fabric, paper and digital images then adding stitching, acrylic paint, ink, oil pastels and digital images printed on fabric.
Now I feel that I’ve combined the best of all worlds in digital art. I no longer have a huge stash of fabric, rather I have a huge stash of textures, brushes and images. 
Oh Joy!!
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